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STEAM Videos
Creative Problem Solving Through STEAM

Keep pursuing fearless creativity even while you stay home.

Full STEAM @ Home – 3-D Bag Star

Join in on the fun and create a 3-d star to decorate for a birthday, the holidays or just for fun! Kids will learn through repetition, a 3 dimensional project can be made with ease. There are two different levels. Make sure you have a glue stick, 9 paper bags of any color and a hole punch and string.!

Full STEAM @ Home – Papercraft Animal Club – Panda Project!

We love our Papercraft Animal Clubs! It is not too late to join – We create a new animal and habitat each week and learn a little about each animal. Our kits are great for imaginary play and fine motor skills. Our clubs are full of fun and knowledge All you need from home are markers, scissors, tape and glue (and sometimes a glue gun). The kit provides all the rest!

Full STEAM @ Home – Make a Fun Birthday cake in a mug!

Learn with Studio Bella how to make a Birthday cake in a mug. Measuring will be key to success all you need is Flour, Butter, Egg Yolk, Milk, Sugar Vanilla, and Baking powder. Mix it all together and throw it all in the microwave then add ice cream or whipped cream for extra flavor.

Full STEAM @ Home – Roll a rainbow

Use a new painting process at home and learn about “Roy G. Biv” (The seven colors of the rainbow.) All you need at home is paint and a rolling pin.

Full STEAM @ Home – Funny Faced Light Switch Cover

Need to dress up your room? Learn with Studio Bella how to make a funny faced light switch cover. We like to use objects to make real life faces.

Full STEAM @ Home – Happy Hangers

Let’s have some fun bringing the BLING! to your closet! We’ll show you how to use beads, a coat hanger and some tape to create a Happy Hanger.

Full STEAM @ Home – Paper Beads

Time for something fun! Join us for paper bead making. All you need is a straw, magazines, and some glue.

Full STEAM @ Home – Monster Stompers!

Want to scare the scary monsters away? Create these light up monster stompers to light the way in the dark for some fun. All you need is a couple of cereal boxes (or similar boxes) paint, paper and glue, some clothespins and a few tea lights.

Full STEAM @ Home – Magic Density Bottle

Grab a plastic bottle and a lid. It’s time to fearlessly create a simple density column. Continue the wonder with adding food coloring and glitter.
Hypothesizing will make the activity even more fun!

Full STEAM @ Home – Add a seesaw to your playground!

We are adding even more to our mini playground! With simple supplies such as cardboard, a straw and more, create a seesaw for your favorite toy.

Full STEAM @ Home – Swing Set

We are back at Klyde Warren Park and noticed the playground was missing! Create your own swings with us and then invent other playground equipment for your toys at home. Tomorrow we will tackle a seesaw.

Full STEAM @ Home – Tree Cup

Create a cup with changing seasons or invent your own cup with “something” changing. Some ideas could be clothes on a person or a flower bud developing into a flower. If you choose a tree, check out our previous video to learn how to draw the “Y” tree.

Full STEAM @ Home – Mini TV

Lesson Description: Create a mini tv you so you can star in your own mini Youtube videos. All you need is a box, two pencils, tape, paper, markers and scissors. Kids can engineer their own tv and then create a storyline.

Full STEAM @ Home – Dazzling Diffusion Painting

Lesson Description: Are you ready to paint? Grab your old markers and through the process of diffusion, make your own watercolor paint! Create your own animal or scene- whatever you desire!

Full STEAM @ Home – Minty Slime

Lesson Description: The mintiest-two-ingredient slime around! Mix one part toothpaste to two parts salt. The results are minty and malleable similar to kinetic sand!

Full STEAM @ Home – Water filtration Magic!

Lesson Description: Learn about water filtration with Studio Bella and Klyde Warren Park! Watch how Studio Bella performs a simple water filtration experiment to see which supply helps filter the cleanest water.

Full STEAM @ Home – Hopping Frog-paper engineering

Lesson Description: Follow the steps to creating your very own paper engineered frog! Through a series of folds, you hopping frog will soon come to life. Feel free to stop the video as you make your way through the video.

Full STEAM @ Home – The Y Tree

Lesson Description: Learn how to draw a realistic tree through a series of “Y’s”. Once you learn how to to draw a tree, learn how to draw leaves and then learn how to shade. Finally, add that tire swing and decide who will be the first one to take a swing!

Full STEAM @ Home – Hopping Frog-paper engineering

Lesson Description: Follow the steps to creating your very own paper engineered frog! Through a series of folds, you hopping frog will soon come to life. Feel free to stop the video as you make your way through the video.

Full STEAM @ Home – Udderly Awesome Cow

Lesson Description: The Udderly Awesome Cow is one of our favorite projects kids and adults can craft at home with our kit and simple supplies from home such as tape, glue, scissors and markers. The kit also includes a paper craft kitten and a milking pail!

Full STEAM @ Home – Cup Monster Activity

Lesson Description:

Join the fun in creating a cup monster! All you need are two paper cups, markers and a pen! With this project, kids will learn how to make a kinetic piece of art from common objects!

Full STEAM @ Home – MASH Activity

Lesson Description: The fun of probability is part of the simple fun activity of MASH. Mansion, Apartment, Shack and House begin the game. Now what will the other three categories be? This activity can be played over and over with a fortune telling effect. If kids play enough, they will learn how to figure out how to achieve the fortune they want!

Full STEAM @ Home – No Glue Slime

Lesson Description: No glue slime is easy and fun with ingredients that are at home! Kids learn that a 1:1 ratio means equal amounts of ingredients. And with any recipe, you have to doctor your concoction to make it “just right”.

Full STEAM @ Home – Daring Doodle & Paper Engineering


Lesson Description: Dare to doodle is a fearlessly creative and fun drawing activity that involves adjectives, verbs and nouns, drawing and paper engineering. Create a graph, roll the dice and leave it to chance on what you will draw!

Full STEAM @ Home – Intro to Flappy Code: Flappy Bird App – Robocat Partner Post

Lesson Description: Javier and Tomas guide you through how to create your own flappy bird app.

Full STEAM @ Home – Wacky Weaving Kite

Lesson Description: Just a step away from the traditional kite, the Wacky Weaving kite adds just a little bit more engineering to the build. The kite is easy to make with items from your home- sticks, thin paper or plastic, tape and string. Don’t forget scissors-they are key! A great extension would be air flow and Bernoulli’s Principle. Dress the kite up with markers if you wish!

Full STEAM @ Home – God’s Eye

Lesson Description: With one simple item from home and items from nature, kids can learn how to make a God’s Eye Craft which is also known as an Ojo de Dios (oh-ho-day-DEE-ohs). Find two sticks outside and grab some yarn or string from the house to create! The weavings originally come from the Huichol people of North-Central Mexico. They have spiritual meaning. A great cultural extension to this project would be to research God’s Eyes.

Full STEAM @ Home – Mini Bow & Arrow

Lesson Description: Kids will create a mini bow & arrow with a paperclip, rubber band and a Qtip. Afte crafting their bow and arrow, kids will be able to practice aiming at a target they have created. By creating their own contraptions, kids will be vested in their learning and play as they work through the mechanics of using a bow and arrow successfully.

Full STEAM @ Home – Intro to CAD & Circuit Design – Robocat Partner Post

Lesson Description: Terry Tolleson from the Woodrow Wilson Robocats does a great job introducing CAD and Circuit Design to us!

Full STEAM @ Home – A Secret Hideout

Lesson Description: Kids will learn a how to build a simple house or “secret hideout” from learning how to slit cardboard and slot them together. After figuring out how the architecture works, kids will then take apart their secret hideout to add doors, windows and items to the wall. The creative opportunities are endless! Make a two story structure or add furniture. Be fearlessly creative and have fun!

Full STEAM @ Home – NASA STEM – Robocat Partner Post

Lesson Description: Judith LaPlante shares information about NASA website, cloud STEM projects for elementary, middle and high school students. Make your own clouds with the help from NASA.

Full STEAM @ Home – Drawing the Other Half

Lesson Description: Full Steam at Home: Drawing the other Half is a great way for kids to begin learn the basic elements of design, such as line, shape, color and space. As kids draw the other half, measuring and attention to detail will be key.

Full STEAM @ Home – Puzzles of Fun- Robocat Partner Post

Lesson Description: Rick LaPlante shares websites, projects and STEAM learning fun for students of all ages. Logical thinking, puzzles and so much more.

Full STEAM @ Home – Coin Spinner Art & Experiment

Lesson Description: This fearlessly creative project and experiment involves building three coin spinners with different coins. After building the spinners, students will go through the scientific process beginning with the purpose and going through the 6 different steps, including the hypothesizing, testing and conclusion. It an experiment not to miss!

Full STEAM @ Home – An Hour of Code – Robocat Partner Post

Lesson Description: Dan Garrison, Woodrow Wilson Engineering Teacher and Robotics Coach shares a great opportunity for kids to learn coding from preK-high school. Check it out. It is a great tool and has a great following!

Full STEAM @ Home – Kinetic Pop up Card

Lesson Description: Kids can learn a little paper engineering to create an Angry Bird Pop-up Card which is a form of Kinetic Art.

Full STEAM @ Home – Flying Busy Bees

Lesson Description: Studio Bella presents a taste of physics with our Flying Busy Bees Activity. Through STEAM fusion, kids will learn how to draw a beehive, create bees and learn how to launch them along a trajectory toward a target. Take a look at the STEAM SHEET below for detailed instructions on the projects as well as age appropriate extensions to expand the learning and the fun!