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Creative Problem Solving Through STEAM


Keep pursuing fearless creativity even while you stay home.

Thank you all for the support of our Full STEAM @ Home series. We appreciate your requesting that we build project kits for @ home fun, learning and creativity. All kits are available for pick up (with prior scheduling) at our main studio at 1450 Oldgate Ln Dallas, TX 75218. Free delivery within the 635 loop on total orders of $20 or more. Shipping is also available. Kits can be enjoyed by anyone 5 years old and up.

Looking for kit supplies? Use the supplies that we use.

Kits for Groups

We have heard your wishes and now we have group packs! Whether you have a School Pod, Girl Scout Troop or another type of group, our Pod Packs are a great economical way to bring fearless creativity, learning and fun to a day. Pod Packs are $50 and are available in the Dallas area only.

Pod Pack of 10

Studio Bella For kids

Our Pod Packs are perfect for your extra curricular activities and/or quiet time during Pod Learning. Each Pod Pack comes in a bundle of 10 kits. Instructions are included and supplies provided are to be handed out individually as kits. Basic supplies are needed to complete each activity. Our kits are STEAM based, choose your area of focus from our drop down list.

NOTE: If you would like to order more than one kit, please make your choices from our drop-down list AND enter your total in quantity. Shipping is limited to local delivery only. 

Choose from these Pod Pack Options:

Ping Pong Pals Pod Pack – Use your imagination to create a pet. Learn how to paper engineer to make a house and develop story telling through pretend play with the supplies provided: ping pong balls, thumbtacks, googly eyes, 1.5 in paper squares, and house template.

Supplies needed: markers, scissors, glue or glue stick.

Rocket Flinger Pod Pack – Build a rocket flinger using your problem solving and fine motor skills from the supplies provided: pool noddle, rubber bands, foam squares, skewer and paper clip.

Supplies needed: duct tape or decorative tape, scissors, glue, hot glue* is optional.

S’mores Family Pod Pack – Create a family of s’mores and a tent for play from the supplies provided: foam, sticker felt, cardboard, decorative paper, craft sticks, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, green and blue paper, flower punches, jewels, toothpicks.

Supplies needed: found pebbles, black pen or marker, white glue. scissors, hot glue*.

Low Temp Glue Gun – Some kits may require low temp hot glue. CLICK “continue shopping” at check-out then CLICK “Store”. If you’d like to order a low temp hot glue gun from us they are ($6). Not always required, but makes drying time faster!

Limited Edition STEAM Kits @ Home

These limited edition kits have been our most popular. They are full of imagination and fun- whether you do them together with your child or they are old enough to create independently, their day will be full of fun!

Unicorn Bliss Kit

Studio Bella For kids

If you have a unicorn lover in the house, then this is the perfect kit! Create your very own unicorn on a stick, learn how to send your wooden unicorn down a zipline, and finish the day by learning how to draw a unicorn and coloring your mini unicorn doodle poster. This is a limited edition kit only 8 available, so catch the bliss quickly!

Supplies from home: markers, scissors, tape and glue

Be a Baker Kit!

Studio Bella For kids

Bring your imagination and dreams to life by becoming a baker for a day! Begin by decorating your chef’s hat and apron with the fabric markers that are included (feel free to add in your own sharpies). Next, choose from one of the beginner recipes included: mini s’more tarts, jello poke cake or chocolate chip cookies. Grab your ingredients, mix n’ measure and bake yummy treats! Your family will thank you and your tummy will too! This is a limited edition kit. Only 10 available.

Supplies from home: sharpies (optional), ingredients listed on the recipe cards

Super Superhero Kit

Studio Bella For kids

Rev up your imagination and creativity…it’s time for a new superhero in the world! Included in the kit is your very own cape to decorate (fabric markers included-feel free to supplement with your own sharpies), a mask, and armbands. Hide the gold (included) and make up a story on how the villain hid the gold. Your name, your superpowers and how you find the gold is up to you! Choose for a boy or girl.

Supplies from home: supplemental sharpies – optional

Groovy Guitar Kit!

Build your own guitar, create your own pick and join your own air band! From the neck to the tuning peg and from the sound hole to the head, you’ll have a ton of fun! Additional learning opportunities include measuring with the ruler provided.

Supplies from home: markers, scissors, tape, glue and a glue gun*.

* Low Temp Glue Gun – If you’d like to order one from us ($6) please CLICK “continue shopping” at check-out then CLICK “Store”

Spotlight STEAM Kits @ Home

As we approach the end of summer, we wanted to celebrate and spotlight some of our favorite kits from the summer!

Waterbead Sensory Bottle & Activity Set Kit

Studio Bella For kids

Our waterbead sensory bottle & activity set provides 5 activities to do with water beads BEFORE you create your waterbead sensory bottle. Kids of ALL AGES will LOVE the hands-on activities and the mesmerizing bottle they create. Please note: Water beads are not edible. A low temp glue gun will be needed to secure the lid of the bottle. You can add it on to your order.

Supplies from home: water, paper towels, low temp glue gun*

* Low Temp Glue Gun – If you’d like to order one from us ($6) please CLICK “continue shopping” at check-out then CLICK “Store”

The Magic Beanstalk Mobile Kit

Studio Bella For kids

Start that journey back into school by diving into the world of Jack and the Beanstalk. Read the story and create a castle in the clouds with a spiraling beanstalk that spins in the wind. Add Jack (or Jackie) to climb up the beanstalk. Can you imagine, the story grew from beans? What creativity and brainpower will grow from between your ears as you create your castle in the clouds? The activity can be for one child or for a small group to play with. This activity is great for elementary aged kids.

Supplies needed from home: scissors, pencil, markers and glue. A glue gun* is recommended.

* Low Temp Glue Gun – NOT required but makes drying time faster! If you’d like to order one from us ($6) please CLICK “continue shopping” at check-out then CLICK “Store”

Cost: $10

Get Your The Magic Beanstalk Mobile Kit

S’more Camping Kit

Studio Bella For kids

Create your marshmallow friends. Next pitch the tent, build a fire and don’t forget the “chocolate” and the “grahams”. Extra supplies will be provided to fearlessly create the rest of the scene. Key supplies will be provided.

Supplies needed from home: markers, Elmer’s glue. A glue gun* is recommended.

* Low Temp Glue Gun – NOT required but makes drying time faster! If you’d like to order one from us ($6) please CLICK “continue shopping” at check-out then CLICK “Store”